Model Predictive Control (MPC) Tools Package

A Simple Example

Consider the example as described by the model cstr2 in which the reactant A converts to product B in an exothermic reaction. The temperature of the product stream is measured, and the concentration of A in the reactor is inferred by state estimation. The temperature of the coolant is the manipulated variable. The goal is to steer the system to the unstable steady state at a concentration of 0.5 M and a temperature of 350 K.
The model is described by this function and the parameters for NMPC are specified here. Note that in our parameter file, we start with the reactor initially completely species A at a temperature of 350 K.

The graphical output of NMPC shows the results of the control simulation. Here are the results of our example.

Other Examples

Other examples can be found in the NMPC nonlinear model archive. We hope to build this archive into a comprehensive source of benchmark examples by soliciting examples from NMPC users. NMPC comes with all the examples in the archive.

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