James B. Rawlings Research Group

Jianfeng Zhang
M.S. Ch.E., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1997


Jianfeng Zhang.
Model predictive control of sheet and film forming processes.
Master's thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, January 1997.

Thesis Abstract

Model predictive control of sheet and film forming processes.

The large-scale, uncertain, constrained nature of sheet and film processes makes their control especially interesting and challenging. The general problem of controlling both machine and cross-directional properties in sheet and film forming processes is treated in this thesis. A linear dynamic model capable of characterizing both the process and disturbance dynamics is used. A control scheme combining a time-varying Kalman filter, a constrained linear model predictive control and on-line model identification is constructed and evaluated. Simulation results demonstrate that the scheme can control the MD and the CD profiles simultaneously and good performance can be obtained where various types of disturbances, actuator faults and model mismatches occur in the systems.

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